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2nd Charge

Property Bridge

A second charge bridging loan allows you to raise money instead of re-mortgaging. Ranking behind your mortgage and/or 1st charge lender, the funds can provide much needed capital using your home as security.

Loan Terms

Our regulated bridging loans can be arranged quickly and provide much needed finance just when you need it.

For more information or to receive an immediate AIP please contact the team:

0207 100 8787

  • Interest Rate
    From 0.79% Per Month
  • Min - Max Loan
    £300,000 - £3,000,000
  • Max Loan to Value
  • Term
    3 to 18 Months
  • Arrangement Fee
    0.75% - 2%
  • Early redemption Fee
  • Admin Fee
  • Exit Fee

About our loans

A second charge bridge loan is a quick and efficient way to raise funds against the value of a property. As the name suggests, a second charge loan will sit behind the first charge which is the principal mortgage on the property.

Holding a specific second charge gives the borrower significant flexibility as the borrower can raise capital quickly for a specific purpose. Funds can be used to finance refurbishment projects, acquire properties or simply to raise capital for business purposes.

A second charge is highly flexible as it can be paid back quickly and independently of the principal mortgage. Unlike most large high street banks and lenders we do not charge any early repayment fee if the loan is paid off at any time after the first three months of the term.

Case Study
"Our client needed to partner with a financier who could work flexibly. We were approached and were able to provide a 2nd charge loan against their primary residence as a split facility. Half of the facility was released initially to progress a development project and the remainder are being held on account for a second drawdown to purchase a property."
2nd charge on main residence for property development and acquisition
Term: 12 months | Rate: 0.85% | Application Time: 4 weeks