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Property Bridge

Bridging loans for commercial property offer a manageable, alternative financing solution for businesses that would like to seize new opportunities. We can assist with short term cash flow, fund redevelopment works or even finance a change of use.

Loan Terms

We know every situation is unique and our team of experts can tailor your loan solution to your exacting needs.

For more information or to receive an immediate AIP please contact the team:

0207 100 8787

  • Interest Rate
    From 0.79% Per Month
  • Min - Max Loan
    £300,000 - £3,000,000
  • Max Loan to Value
  • Term
    3 to 18 Months
  • Arrangement Fee
  • Early redemption Fee
  • Admin Fee
  • Exit Fee

About our loans

Our loan ranges are suitable for any size of commercial property expansion or remodel, giving you a real shot at funding new premises, just when you need it.

Like any short term financial solution, our bridging loans serve as a simple interim loan that will cover the first steps of financing your commercial property, while you wait for funding from your main sources to come in. Whether you’re expanding your current business premises, venturing into pastures new or changing track entirely, we can help you make your commercial properties work for you.

We can also help if you have a buy-to-let mortgage in progress. Our bridging loans can fill the gap until your mortgage comes through, letting you get on with your development right away. Interest rates on our commercial bridging loans start at just 0.79% per month and can be taken out over a period of up to 18 months.

Whatever the circumstances, we are completely committed to working together to help you secure the finances you need to make your commercial property work for you and/or your business.

Case Study
"We were able to increase our lending position upon the client adding value multiple times throughout the application and mitigate the position as it changed. We put development finance in place to repay the loan and allow the client to build out the site."
Vacant disused car dealership, Hastings, Kent
Term: 6 months | Rate: 0.80% pm | Application Time: 8 weeks