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Property Bridge

Bridging loans for auction purchases let you bid with confidence. Knowing that you have access to the funds as you make the winning bid is liberating, and a bridging loan gives you the freedom to make your move.

Loan Terms

Bridging loans can be arranged quickly, filling in the gap between the auction purchase and incoming finances.

For more information or to receive an immediate AIP please contact the team:

0207 100 8787

  • Interest Rate
    From 0.79% Per Month
  • Min - Max Loan
    £300,000 - £3,000,000
  • Max Loan to Value
  • Term
    3 to 18 Months
  • Arrangement Fee
  • Early redemption Fee
  • Admin Fee
  • Exit Fee

About our loans

Auctions can be a thrilling experience but without immediate access to the necessary funds, you could be forced to pass up on the property. With a bridging loan, you can bid with confidence knowing you will not lose any deposit fees and can see through buying the property.

Bridging loans are simple, short-term loans that cover an auction purchase or the deposit due after making a winning bid. It means that you can walk away from the auction room with a new property, either paid for in full or with the deposit covered, while you wait for your main funding to come in.

If you’re selling a property to fund the purchase or waiting on a mortgage, a loan can give you up to 18 months to get your funding rather than one.

Case Study
"We are on hand to our client where on a monthly basis we can provide an AIP within a couple of hours so that he can bid in the auction with confidence knowing the funding is available to come through within 28 days"
Buy-to-let high net worth investor
Term: 9 month (Av) | Rate: From 0.75% pm (Av) | Application Time: 1 month (av)